Dramatis Personae


You know what I have completely turned around on?

The Black Monday Murders.


This comic was previewed in an Image+ add on I had gotten in a Previews catalogue a few months or so back. I thought, “Huh, this is really interesting. But a monthly mystery? I don’t know if I can remember the details of the plot for that long between issues. ”

Ohhhhhh, how WRONG I was.

The characters in the story are memorable and visually interesting, of course, from the non-skeptic Detective Dumas to the minor (but swarthy) Marco Dominic. But the PLOT… now that is where the hook has buried itself deep within me.


Listen here, son.

An occult conspiracy within Wall Street where 5 family heads sacrificed their salary men employees for prolonged immortality and covered it up with the entire tragedy that was the STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1987, a.k.a: Black Monday.

And they don’t worship Satan or our God who turned out evil. Oh, no no no no no.

These psychopaths worship Mammon THE GOD OF MONEY. 

I am ON BOARD for this premise, and wouldn’t be surprised if this became a new TV drama.

“Look at him, he loves it!” 


I’ve also been re-reading Bakuman, the manga that is just about making manga. I’m still on volume 6, and its still fun. Surprising no one.

This kid will always be right.


Made more art. Here’s some sketch pages.




Then finished this non-descriptive ink drawing.


The dialogue I wrote subconsciously while listening to the song “Act Naturally” by Buck Owens.

Tomorrow is Tuesday, and that was a Monday.

Hail God Mammon.





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