Yippee Skippee, Loma Shade


It was Tuesday, but in a few minutes it will be a Wednesday. Go figure.

Looking through some old photos today, doing some editing, and found this old one when I was in Louisiana.


That was the same year I was called ‘human’ a lot when I attended MFAA. Something about that made me think a lot about my experience there, so that is probably why I took the photo.

Also, street art: WOO!

A lot of things have been put into perspective lately as I recall.

Finally got around to reading Shade, The Changing Girl #1, too.


Don’t really know if I’ll keep up with the single issues. Maybe when the trade comes out in the foreseeable future/ when I get around to reading the original character this is based on: Shade, The Changing Man. Then I’ll check back in on this run.


But the book really piqued my interest when I first saw a beta version of the second page while looking through another comic. This was actually what got me to pick it up. And I love those shapes and her profile in the last panel. If only the whole comic was like that..



Gonna read some more and try to sleep afterward.

Emphasis on the words “try to.”





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