Carlin is Unstoppable


Got back to my sketchbook and finished one of the pages I started a week ago. All I  had left to do on it was the color.


This was really fun to color. I’m gonna do more of these side project pages at some point.

Annnddd here’s some practice sketches I did while listening to some George Carlin stand-up.


One of the things I will say about his stand up is when you watch enough of it, you will start to become kinda depressed.

Listen to his rant on why you have no rights if you haven’t already, and you might see what I’m talking about.

Its actually scary how completely right he was about A LOT of his material.

Picked up some comics earlier today, but I’ll save those to talk about tomorrow. Instead, I’ll leave you with this kick ass quote I found in one of my old photos while editing.


Just now noticed those curvy shadow people around the phrase.

Even better.


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