The Places You Won’t Shagohod


I took a drive to collect my thoughts, and took some photos mindlessly with my iPod.





After this I put on Ian Merrigan’s album Dog Days as I drove.

Image result for ian merrigan

I met him at least twice at MFAA last year. Do yourself a favor and listen to his dulcet beats right the hell now.

The link to his site here.

I talked about Death Stranding yesterday, and was hyped to do a drawing after that post. But while that is still in the progress stage; I found this Metal Gear Solid V sketch I did last year as practice for a different project:


I decided not to color it back then, and I can’t now since the paper has gotten a bit dirtier due to being in a tin with copiic markers. Looking back on it, if the background was a little more detailed, then Venom Snake and Revolver Ocelot would just be nigh impossible to see.

It did help me complete this huge thing for my Portfolio Preparation class:


I entered this into an ‘Art Contest Thing’ with other students, although I don’t remember if I got anything for it.

Last thing real quick: I read Monstress #8, by Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda.

Image result for monstress issue 8

Now Maika and the gang gets to be escorted to a cursed island! By pirates, yo!

The Berserk influences became so strong the second I saw Kippa: this little arcanic fox-child appear in the first few issues.

Kippa from Monstress:

Related image

Puck from Berserk:

Related image

JESUS SAIZ, Puck says ‘Gatts‘ instead of his actual canon name: GUTS. That freakin’ “Band of the Hawk’ subtitle group is behind this, I know it. They ALWAYS DO this shit.

Kentaro Miura, the CREATOR of Berserk, already said, “Guys, its GUTS. Come on.”

Right. So, this is such a big plus in the series’ favor, its not even funny. I was about to say that Kippa is our Puck stand-in but Kippa/Master Ren both fill the Puck quota.

Image result for monstress issue 8

Still can’t wait for Monstress #9. Sigh..

Get some sleep.

I’m gonna draw still.




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