Tea Cups Must Be Crack Addicts


Look. Up above is a sample of the Shinsuke Nakamura page with the blacks (beta) filled in. I’ll post the full versions when they’re both colored, but the beta is D.O.N.E- DONE.

A friend of mine from college, Glenn, came over and we mostly shot the shit, listened to some George Carlin stand-up, and made some art. Here’s his:

img_5311 Did you know he likes Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann? Now you do.

And here’s mine:



Just noticed those damn pencil marks… 


I also tried to watch an Adventure Time episode on YouTube called Jermaine. 

Image result for jermaine adventure time

The borders around the episode in the video were cropped out to fit the capture device they were using, and the voices of Finn and Jake had a weird tinge to them. It wasn’t very loud but they weren’t in a higher pitch either. I’ll try and track it down on the Cartoon Network app or some other site if I can manage.

The episode was half-story boarded/written by Jesse Moynihan and Brandon Graham (a comic creator I admire immensely).

Image result for brandon graham cartoonist

Graham’s involvement was the leading reason I wanted to check it out despite me having an on/off again relationship with watching the show. I love the simplified/non conventional art style, but hearing through osmosis about how some characters/plotlines get dropped and/or never resolved… I got soured on the series for a long while.

The Lich is still cool. I heard that gets bad, too!


Off to find that frakin’ site now.


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