Gamblin’Kid Calamity


Finished up one of the Shinsuke Nakamura pages while in a booth at Applebees.


At first I wasn’t really into the Sherbet puke colors. Then I thought, “Nah, I kinda like it.”

The way it has a ‘popping’ look to it is kinda jarring, though… in a good way.

Put a few more sketches on this page to finish it up.


Recently when I sleep at night, the 8tracks radio app on my iPod hasn’t been working. So, I logged into YouTube and put on the Top Tracks of David Bowie to listen to instead. I was actually surprised with how many songs he had made that I had heard, but not known at the time that he did them.

(examples: Fame, Changes, Let’s Dance, etc.)

Its a shame how after somebody passes on they actually somehow get more attention than they did when they were alive. Its a super cliched thing to say, I know, but damn if it isn’t sadly correct.


As I’ve been writing this out, a song of his that has been stuck in my head (and the one I listened to first as I slept last night) was Rebel Rebel. 

Although, I can’t deny that this old music video of his has been a new favorite of mine, just for the visuals/context of it alone:

The Stars (Are Out Tonight).

They sure are.



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