Greetings: its another blog post.

Worked on a non objective graphite project, leaving my hands blackened. I’ll show the drawing in its finished state tomorrow. I also edited some more photos I had in my folder, and came across this pigeon just Clint Eastwood-ing all over the place.


It is actually walking away from a sunset.

I read Moonshine #3, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.

Image result for moonshine comic

Our gangster douche protagonist continues his fumbling through an environment he was  thrown into and the plot still continues to unravel. I never read their previous comic 100 Bullets, and I don’t know if I will or not after this. Don’t mistake me, this comic is great and I love the themes of it, but the waiting between issues starts to get to my opinion on it. I’m honestly just biting at the bit for more info on the ‘otherworldly force’ centered around the title…!

You can read Moonshine #1-3 here.

I’ve also been looking back on some superheroes that initially got me into comics more seriously. Get this. A team of misfits who are shunned by society at the same time they try to save the populace from one disaster after another: The X Me


Related image

When I would browse comic shops for more Alex Ross art (because I thought:”Hey, its more realistic so more serious as a comic, right?”) I found this one comic called Justice (by Mark Waid and Alex Ross) and eventually I read the rest of this fucking awesome arc, which I found out later was a prequel to KINGDOM COME. Needless to say, I flipped my shit when the Doom Patrol showed up.


Related image

One of the first action figures that I ever bought was this Negative Man figure which I STILL cherish to this very day..!


I swear, Justice is not only fun as hell, but fucking gorgeous. Read it or just literally look at the pages as if they were a five star meal for your eyes.

Related image

Imma let that panel of Luthor, Ivy, Riddler, and Manta just sink in while I go dirty my hands some more.

See yazero.


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