Quite Charcoal, Quiet Graphite


Below is the non objective graphite drawing that I finished yesterday. When I brought it for review, Don Luper told me it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought it was. I was surprised when he said he really liked it.


Then Luper asked me if he could hold onto it for an art show that the college was hosting. I responded with a hearty, “Okay.”

Before the drawing was critiqued, though, I passed the time by visiting some of the other art rooms (Painting, Sculpture, Welding, etc). I walked past the Art Appreciation class, and found no body even there, although the lights were on and everything. But the large dry erase board behind the instructor’s desk is what made me super curious to stop in for a bit. There were THREE black dry erase markers. THREE and an Orange marker.



Didn’t end up finding a use for the Orange marker. Just stuck with the THREE.

Getting back to the greatness that is The Doom Patrol, though… I finished reading Vol. 1 of Doom Patrol by Grant Morrison today as well.

Image result for doom patrol vol 1 grant morrison

This comic is as weird as all get out. And THAT is saying something since Morrison also wrote All Star Superman. He decided to write the team not as larger than life underdogs, but tragic figures who constantly go through traumatic shit just so everybody else can sleep sounder at night.

Related image

I enjoyed the hell out of this book regardless, and will keep looking for the second volume when I can manage the free time to do so. I especially loved Larry Trainor’s new identity: a  radioactively mixed gender being named ‘REBIS.’

Related image

Lastly, I watched today’s episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure wherein the beginning of the end of Part 4: Diamond is Unbreakable has startedNot much to say other than Kira needs to get his comeuppance ASAFP.

(Side Note:) The rumors about whether JoJo’s Part 7: Steel Ball Run will get an animated adaptation or not is still unclear. I feel conflicted when hearing that, since SBR is arguably the best part in the whole series. But the fact that it ran from 2004-2011 makes it longer than Part 3: Stardust Crusaders, wherein it’s own adaptation had to be split into two parts all on its own.

Image result for d4c stand

…but that scene above is only one of the many things that I’m looking forward to if Steel Ball Run is animated.

Too bad I’ll probably be nearing 50 by the time I see Funny Valentine/D4C on TV.




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