Tales or Telisman?

Howdy there.

“Been a day.” I’m sure it has. While it snowed, took the time to organize a lot of clothes I had left over from when I moved. Cannot wait to wear this one for the warmer weather..!


Was stalking Matt Mcmuscles’s Twitter account because Curiosity or whatever. After reading a few posts I eventually saw this thing talking about a revival of Ducktales. “Ducktales?” I thought. “Why? The old show was perfect as it was.” BUT.


Bobby Moynihan?! BEN SCHWARTZ?! DAVID TENNANT???!!!

Image result for ducktales 2017

Get excited!

While on a cartoon kick, the related videos section of YouTube recommended a video called “The Truth About the Powerpuff Girls Reboot.” I watched it, I love it, and enjoy this fella, hotdiggedydemon, more than I did before. His animation is practically veteran quality, I tell ya.

After that, I went and got these off my shelf. Because nostalgia.


Then I turned over the PPG VHS and saw THIS.


WHOA. I mean, that made me feel old as hell. I know that is super strange, but Jesus Saiz, man!

Finished reading RUMBLE vol. 3 as well.

Image result for rumble vol 3

One of my favorite comics of last year. I’ve been saying “best” and “favorite” a lot. I feel like I should dislike more comics, since I say I love stuff too much. Nah, I’m good. I mean the only comic that ACTUALLY ever offended me was… nope. Not gonna say. Sucks too much. Fuck that.

…oh, man. RUMBLE, show me something funny and ridiculous to get me over that memory.

Related image

Thanks, RUMBLE. You kick ass.

Catch up on RUMBLE before its too late, peoples.

Till next time.


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