Loud Enough Four


I watched a bunch of The Loud House in between working on stuff. The creator, Chris Savino, worked on a lot of other shows that I love (Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory, Rocko’s Modern Life, etc).

Image result for the loud house

I’m not exaggerating when I say its a really fun show that you can watch any time you’re feeling down or bored.

Link to his Instagram here.

Some pencils for a page I did while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.


Because… God damn it, I love this Part 8JoJolion ‘Opening’ soooooo much.

And I read Jupiter’s Circle vol. 2, Chapters 1-3.

Image result for jupiter's circle vol. 2

There is just something about superhero deconstruction that I really feel drawn to. They can have a whole lot of interesting ideas/tropes to explore and re imagine. But sometimes…

Image result for nemesis comic

…they can end up being shitty garbage.

Anyway. One of the introductions to superhero comics I remember being very impactful on me were these issues of The Brave & The Bold:

Image result for Dial h for hero jesus saiz


“You can’t stop… THE STAR!”

The Star

Image result for the brave and the bold jesus saiz

Remember when these things used to be $2.99? 

Image result for the brave and the bold jesus saiz

Oh, and this issue also proves why Aquaman is fucking awesome and deserving of EVERYONE’S respect.

He takes on Cthulhu! HELL YEAH!!

Related image

(yeah, I know they never say “Cthulhu” in the story, but come on! He comes out of this chamber DEEP IN THE OCEAN for crying out loud!)

Related image

Phew. Gonna get back to those pages before I forget.

Later daze.


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