Consistent Solstice

Merry Christmas!

I watched Don’t Breathe! Finally!


I loved this SOO much! One of the quotes I saw on the poster after I watched it said the movie would have you squirming in your seat and loving every minute of it. HOW DID THEY KNOW??

Just… OH MAN! If you HAVE seen the movie, I’ll say this:








The moment she shoved that turkey baster full of semen in that blind guy’s open maw, and he choked and sputtered on it…! JESUS SAIZ, DUDE.

If THAT is going to be what we end the year with, then all of the awful horse shit that happened in 2016 is FORGIVEN.

I mean, not really, but you know what I mean!

Other than that glorious piece of cinema, I watched quite a bit Game Grumps and their many animated conversations.

Related image

Its weird, but I sorta prefer the Arin/Dan dynamic more than the Arin/Jon formula. Not sure why that is, but its just one of those instances where it seems to flow a bit better.

Or could it be there are more episodes of the Arin/Dan dynamic…? I don’t know.

This animation on why Arin hates Subway is stupendous on its own merits.

Related image

Through the day, as I ran errands in order to get some cooking done, I read more of Bakuman vol. 11.

Related image

They talk a lot about using screen tones in a way that makes their artwork ‘pop.’ Mainly, the Ashirogi duo have problems adjusting to it since they focused more on Mashiro’s art appearing realistic rather than ‘flashy’ and/or ‘showy.’ Their earlier pages would be this:

Image result for bakuman manga

rather than this:

Image result for bakuman manga

Halloween is most likely my favorite holiday, but today is right below it on the list.

In any case, Merry Christmas to you all!! Be with those you love and not with those you don’t!

Later desu yo koitsu wa.


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