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With Christmas over and New Year’s Eve/Day approaching, I’m feeling like drawing a hell of a lot more. Its a feeling that I really don’t want to go away since it keeps me motivated. However, here’s what I’ve been doing besides that:

I read One Piece vol. 39, 40, and 41 by Eiichiro Oda.

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Image result for One Piece vol 41

I absolutely LOVE One Piece and everything about it. While most kids my age were watching SpongeBob back then, I was ecstatic with staying up and watching One Piece whenever I could. One of the goals I aim to achieve before I die, though, is catching up on the original manga. ALL of it.

…its still a work in progress.

I also enjoy the shit out of this arc’s antagonist: Spandam.



Because DAMN, this villain may be hard to love but he’s harder to hate.



Watched the Adam Ruins Everything Christmas Special as well.

Image result for adam ruins everything christmas

Yep. Watched it 3 days AFTER Christmas actually happened. Enjoyed the special, and didn’t know quite a bit of the history he mentions.

Besides the references to Krampus, Christ having nothing to do with Christmas, and the mom from Boy Meets World, I was pleasantly surprised with how many things I didn’t expect in the rest of the episode.

Image result for adam ruins everything christmas

I mean, they weren’t torrented EXACTLY, but…

Yes, I now have all of the JoJo parts ready to read on my tablet.


…with the exception of JoJolion (that is not yet finished) and Phantom Blood (which I’ve read already). So it should look more like this:


I’ve been blazing through Part 2: Battle Tendency for some time now. Although I’ve watched the first four parts in an animated form, its really fun to look back at the original artwork of the series.


I really don’t think I’m gonna be able to top that panel at the end there. So, I’m gonna get back to reading these volumes.

Later daze.

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