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There I was, walking around my house, and scrolling through the recommended videos section of my iPod. I click on one of them, and proceed to watch something stupid. After the previously mentioned “something stupid,” I go through the comments and stop on one that reads:

Yeah. The Diamond is Unbreakable director made sketches for Part 5 (Vento Aureo) since its his favorite part of the series.

I clicked to see more of the comment chain, and found links to the sketches in question. So, I promptly saved them before I did anything else…!:




I had no idea these were even around or that they existed at all.

WOW. What a find. 

What was I supposed to be talking about…?

Oh, yeah. I read One Piece vol. 43, 44, 45, and 46.

Image result for one piece vol. 43

Image result for one piece vol 44

Image result for one piece vol 44

Image result for one piece vol 46

As much as I enjoyed the Water Seven arc’s story and pacing, I like the Thriller Bark arc’s characters and art style a lot more.

For example, I actually felt myself getting teary eyed at Merry Go‘s funeral scene, and shook my fist in the air when Nico Robin was saved.

Image result for one piece nico robin enies lobby

Related image


BUT, as soon as Brook‘s introduction rolled around and I looked at how the island of Thriller Bark/the inhabitants of it were drawn; I started loving it more than I probably should have.

Image result for one piece meeting brook manga

Image result for one piece manga thriller bark

Eiichiro Oda seems to really like Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Edit: Yep. Its one of his Top 3 favorite movies, along with Seven Samurai and Young Guns.

I found that factoid HERE as well as a lot more information about him.

Imma get back to vol.47, so I’ll leave you with this other saved sketch that DiU director dude did:


Later Daze.



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