Brew. Just Brew. Forget Sake.

Hello all.

Today felt like a Sunday. A slick, snowy Sunday.

(Edit: It actually IS Sunday now. So, never mind.)

Made this today after re-watching one of my favorite Steven Universe episodes.


This episode also introduced to me Mike Krol and his music. Now I play mixes of his songs whenever I cut my hair.

Image result for mike krol

I’ve been cutting my own hair ever since I realized that its cheaper and a more effective way of using my time. I also don’t have to drive across town anymore to do it or sit in a waiting room.

His music and merch is available on Bandcamp HERE.

I don’t know if this a relatively new song (Edit: Its not), but there was this recent music video from DavidBowieVEVO in my notifications called “No Plan.”

Image result for david bowie no plan

This was surprising to see at first. I mean, out of the channels I was subscribed to, THIS wasn’t really one I expected to see a new video from.

It reminds me of D4VE, this comic about an apocalyptic earth inhabited by robots after they kill their previous human masters as well as all other life in the galaxy. The main automaton, D4VE, was their society’s greatest hero. But he has since moved on to have a family and just tries to get through the rest of his existence on 34RTH.

Image result for d4ve

Its hard to get what I mean from that image, but here is a better example:

Image result for d4ve


The way the video cuts from TV set to TV set in the store’s window, and then back to the vagrants just watching (all the while their faces are illuminated with light), has this bleak feeling to it all.

Furthermore, with the knowledge that it came out long after Bowie‘s death feels all the more ominous and unnerving. The video is incredibly nonchalant, yet imposing about the lyrics constantly flashing between the 19 television screens.

The comic has its differences, though, since it IS supposed to be a comedy with science fiction elements.


Related image

But I’ll talk about D4VE again once I have the time to catch up on the series. It’ll probably be after I read through ALL of those JoJo volumes, though.

Later desu yo koitsu wa.



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