REDUX:The Animationing


Stayed up all night yesterday again, and practiced with using different pieces of media. I made this one with graphite and colored pencils.


I should have used more graphite when I was lining the details of the figures now that I think about it.

At the same time, I worked on this other page using ink pens.


I wish I was able to crank these out faster than I have been recently.

During the time it took me to make myself breakfast at 7 am today, I put on an episode of “What Do Artists Do All Day?” The spotlight was on Polly Morgan, a famous taxidermy artist. All I will say is that you DO NOT want to watch this if you love the hell out of your pet bird, or if he/she is with you in the room and in full view of the screen.

Image result for polly morgan what artists do all day

Although, if you don’t have a pet (or at the very least a pet BIRD), you can check out the episode here.

I also made an appointment to meet somebody at 8 am tomorrow morning, so I better get some rest for that.

Later Daze.



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