Why Yes, I AM a Libra.


Hi everybody.

“Hi Doctor Nick!”

As the rain falls outside my window, I decide to NOT sleep on the bed I’m currently on, and instead stare at this laptop screen.

And I wouldn’t trade it for Za Warudo.


I can neither confirm nor deny if that statement is accurate in the image above.

When Hastings eventually went out of business, I made an effort to buy as many comics as I could from them at 90% off. I absconded with so many, that there was just a huge stack on my dresser for about a month.

One of the many I finally read is ALL of From The Ashes by Bob Fingerman.


I loved this comic, and YOU ALL SHOULD READ IT. To sell you more on this, there is a scene where EVERY one of the angry bigoted ‘God Hates Fags’ people with signs get shot by government men in hazmat suits. AND NOBODY BATS A SINGLE EYE LASH.

Oh, man, this comic was great.

During the year of 2016, one series that I enjoyed the shit out of all the way through (that wasn’t Erased) was Mob Psycho 100.


While I really liked One Punch Man when it came out, I feel like Mob Psycho 100 had a more interesting story and outcome.

In OPM, it ends the same way it began. The main character is in the same position he was in when he starts, but I do remember the city changing drastically because of Boros’s attack. In MP 100, characters changed and grew. Not to mention they learned something new from their experience.

If you’re wondering HOW much I loved it, this was what I would watch on Mondays while I reserved JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure to Fridays. I loved it that much.

I want to keep talking about this kickass show, and how much I loved the dude who created the original web comic it was based on: ONE. He also writes/draws the original One Punch Man webcomic, which is what got him famous in the first place (leading to the Yusuke Murata remake from a couple years ago).


I thought about reading the original comics by ONE on the right, but haven’t made the proper steps to looking them up yet.

Actually, I kinda want to do that now.

Screw it, I’ll pin the tab for later and read it when I can. But right now, its around the time I should be waking up to meet some people at the hospital.

Later Daze.




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