Heresi Shelby Breathing


I love mixed media, and don’t plan on parting ways with it any time soon.


Drew this because I’ve always really liked Starman (Thom Kallor)’s costume from the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Related image

And I ALSO love Alex Ross, which is who painted that image above my sentence.

Speaking of Alex Ross, I took the copy of Earth X off my shelf just to read through it again.

Image result for earth x alex ross

I’m still in the Prologue, where Machine Man is being shown by The Watcher the beginning of time/introduction of the Celestials. But the stand out from my reading through it again (SO FAR) is Machine Man’s design, as well as the banter between him and The Watcher over the slideshow of humanity.

Related image

…now I wanna pick up Earth X again actually.

Oh, wow, I forgot about how fuckin’ AWESOME that story is!

Later desu yo koitsu wa.




Edit: Oh, and I’ll talk about Regular Show tomorrow.



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