..Cure La Borden

Buongiorno (Good morning).

Ever experience that feeling where you’re supposed to be drawing something for someone, but decide to make something you like instead?




Because me neither.

Although, I HAVE been working away on commissions. Progress on this one.




Proof for ya right there.


“As we say goodbye to Morioh’s golden spirit, you can feel Italy’s golden wind blow in from the shore.”




I’ve begun Part 5: Vento Aureo. I knew next to nothing about this part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, and was SOO hyped that [STICKY FINGERS] appeared earlier than I originally thought.





When Giorno takes on [BLACK SABBATH] and the janitor gets killed by…






…the STAND ARROW coming out of [BLACK SABBATH]’s mouth which STABS him in the fucking forehead.

And the janitor DIES just because he didn’t have the WILL POWER to be a stand user!!

…AND because he got STABBED in the fucking HEAD.


I loved that moment SOO much.

I still haven’t even reached the REST of Passione yet either…!!

Soon, though. Soon…




<—To be continued, peoples.

Later daze.


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