Zaritarin Mollusk NII


I found the time to buy some comics earlier today (which is now yesterday since…ah screw it).

Anyway, I’ll be talking about ‘some’ of those tomorrow, not all.

Other than that, progress on this new thing I decided to make while listening to music by Queen and stand-up by Louis C.K.




Speaking of Louis C.K, check out his special called “Chewed Up” on YouTube.

It was incredibly entertaining, but be warned it is totally NSFW.

(Not like that ever stopped me back in the day, but whatevers.)

You can watch/listen to the special here. 

Image result for louis ck

After a shower, I think some sleep would help me somehow.

If I had to get a second opinion, I’d definitely call my doctor at: 1-800-I DONT KNOW. 

Later desu yo koitsu wa.



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