Numbah “1” INZ A HOOT, JAY

Hey all.

Progress in the form of a preview:




Needs color still, but thats a given statement.

Read Island #14 today, and was hyped as fuck to open up that first page, man.

Image result for island 14

This magazine has been a HUGE influence on me and how much I want to broaden my tastes in comic books as not just a medium to enjoy storytelling but as an art form as well.

The section that made me think the most was this story by Remy Boydell called ‘The Pervert.’

Related image

Mainly due to my constant thought of, “Oooohhh. People are actually like this.” 

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, here is one of the panels from their comic:



I also have this echoing in the back of my skull, because I can’t stop hearing the Aqua Teen Hunger Force intro theme by Schoolly D.

“Is it on one of the televisions in the next room??” I ponder internally as I write this blog post.

Image result for aqua team hunger force

“I have to know. I does is have to know.” 

Later desu yo koitsu wa.



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