Dat Chaos Theist


I ran out of the ‘Skin White’ colored copiic marker while working on this large thing.

R.I.P in peace, copiic dude.


Although it added insult to injury once I realized its not even DONE yet.

I read LumberJanes #34.

Featuring hipster Yetis and melting ice cream.


Image result for lumberjanes issue 34

The faces of the Roanoke Cabin sum up how I feel right now.

This issue was fun as shit, and really funny, too, don’t get me wrong.

As I sit here and write this I’m listening to a specific video by Armoured Skeptic. 

Image result for armoured skeptic

The video in question is called Shock of God-Awful Arguments.

I have no interest in being political or talking about religious views.

That aside, heres the link to the video. Watch it until the end, I beg you.

I couldn’t FATHOM how much of a shit Shock of God (some shit YouTube douche) was.


I was hoping some invisible wire would come out of nowhere and he’d just decapitate himself..

…blasted pissant…

Edit: This got me over my anger. Thanks, Pucci!

Image result for out of context jojo panels

Later desu yo koitsu wa.



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