They Is Gum. We Lives In A Charotient.


I read Arclight #4, and rest assured because the best character FINALLY got more screen time.

Image result for arclight brandon graham



They’re yucking it up everywhere they go and pissing off everybody they meet.

I mean just look at this asshole!


See? They’re loving every minute of it!!

While doing other things, I watched ALL of Preacher on AMC.

For the third time now.

Image result for preacher amc

While I LOVE the SHIT out of the Preacher graphic novels, this is the only other way I can enjoy Preacher. I’ve re-read the comics so many times, so I thought a third watch of the show would satiate me for the time being.

Edit: I was totally right.

Related image

Sometimes it feels good to just take it easy and spend some quality time with the people you like, and the things you love to read/watch/devour.

Ronnie Milsap‘s album cover on the living room television looks like its about to start talking in my peripheral vision.

Image result for ronnie milsap album covers

…I think I’ll just hit the nearest 24/7 optometrist now.

Later daze.



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