Zryaahh! Dislocation O Stasis.

Morning Morning Morning

Morioh Cho Radio-!! .

(we’re live in Morioh Cho…)

I had the time to finally run some errands today that I needed to take care of.

But while I was getting gas for my car’s tank, I read Doom Patrol #4 by Gerard Way and Nick Derington.

Image result for doom patrol 4

My love of the Doom Patrol knows no bounds, so of COURSE I made sure to keep up with this series.

I love the characters, new and old. The fun and light hearted scenes make the dark shit that follows it all the more impactful as well.

Gerard Way’s work on Umbrella Academy is fucking awesome, too. That comic is sooo damn fun to read and look at.

Dude, JFK will NEVER not get a raw deal. Every time, man.

Image result for umbrella academy

And y’know what? Fuck it.

Read the ORIGINAL Doom Patrol comics in the big Archive Editions by DC.

Image result for doom patrol archives

If I wasn’t such a broke ass fool, maybe I’d buy all of those books.

Aside from more tattoos.

And thats a HUGE maybe.

Ironically, I set up another tattoo appointment for this Saturday.

I actually forgot about that.

Jesus Saiz…. 

I think I’ll just go to the art museum later and clear my head…

Later desu yo koitsu wa.


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