Le Valence Dais 41


Been a while, dawg.

I did the following:

Looked for a new apartment, got tentacles tattooed to my right arm, storyboarded, binge watched Making a Murderer, job hunted, acquired a nasty cough, and viewed Hellboy for the fifth time on Netflix.

Also went up to Columbia and visited my Mom for her B-Day. Made this as a present to her with water color, and framed it, too.


Kanji on left means Perseverance. 

Kanji on the right means Hope. 

Since it was St. Valence’s Day an hour ago, I tracked down this movie from 1993 I’ve wanted to check out,called Necronomicon: Book of the Dead. Shit Yeah, bro.

Image result for hp lovecraft's necronomicon movie

Watch the whole movie on YouTube here. 

Its great, and Jeffrey Combs is incredibly underrated in it as H.P. Lovecraft himself.

Related image\

Not as on point as this bloke to be fair.

Image result for hp lovecraft's necronomicon movie


In keeping with the spirit of a few hours ago, I read Empowered and the Soldier of Love #1.

I’ve always liked Empowered, yet the first time I read it I was caught unaware with how  sexual it all was. Then I read it again, and the satire I didn’t catch before was just perfect.

And once more I now want to go back and read the same trade (I think I still have it) again. The way the antagonist plays with the constant changing of superhero relationships is just hilariously absurd.

This page had me grinning ear to ear:


You said it, Emp

The DVD of this flick has been sitting on my shelf for the LONGEST TIME and I aim to watch it after all this time…

Related image

I’ve heard over and over that it isn’t Lovecraft’s best story of all time, but a damn killer movie regardless. Imma gonna talk about what I thought of it tomorrow.

Sleep is next on the list, along with those storyboards left to actualize.


-Purple Haze 

Image result for purple haze jojo

‘I ain’t dead yet.’

Later daze.


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