Its how you Mentallo Dreyfuss.


Did I get sick yesterday? Yes.

Am I sick right now? Yes.

But I’m still gonna color this after a while. Hey, progress right?


Finally finished all of Monthly Girl’s Nozaki-kun today.

Image result for monthly girls' nozaki-kun

Started watching the show last year, and today was when I watched the last episode.

I was actually more into the ‘Making manga’ centered plot, than the relationship exploration side of the series. Even though it IS a Shoujo manga, and the draw should BE the relationship between the heroine and her crush.

…and yet in Bakuman, I was starting to become more interested (as time went on) in the CHARACTERS instead of their MANGA.

I’m a weird dude.

Related image

Read all of the manga here. 


Random aside: I dug through some old stuff of mine and found these thrifty (vintage?) ties.


Now if I could just find a cheap plaid suit to go with the one tie on the far left.

Somethin’ like this in a sense:

Lose the tie & vest... & I could have a blast with this rich suiting!!!:

Or just a cheap pair of skinny pants to go along with my second hand suit jacket.

These suits could go with ANY of those 4 ties honestly.

Holland&Sherry 2015FW ASCOT Wool100%:

I’d be down with that arrangement, man.

It may help to take some Nyquil later, so I’ll be sure to do that.

As it turns out, there is ANOTHER romance comic where one of the protagonists is trying to make manga.

I don’t know much about it, but I guess its called “Love Stage!! ?

And its about a band, maybe? I think?

Related image

No other choice I reckon, than to watch it (or read it) for myself.

Later desu yo koitsu wa.


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