“A lifetime ban!” Lex Luthor says…


I made this yesterday, since the DIO one turned out so well.


Did you know I love JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure yet?

Must’ve forgot to mention it before now.

I’ve been watching the animated adaptation of Bakuman.

Related image

It has 3 seasons, but I’m still on the first. I enjoy the scenes that they extended to help the pacing better as well.

For example, their time in high school feels a LOT longer than I remember it being in the comics. Not that I’m complaining.

The show is extensive in length, and each episode just feels a lot longer than it really is.

Overall, still gonna watch it. No argument here.

Look, if you want one of those super ‘in-depth analysis reviews’ on Bakuman just go to this dude’s post about it on this very site. 

Related image

 NOBODY was ever that excited about fuckin’ Bleach

I read some comics. First, Curse Words #2.

Image result for curse words comic

Oh WOW. That ending!

That is a practically a FATE WORSE THAN DEATH.


Imagine if you woke up the next morning and somebody shaved all your hair off AND put you in a wheelchair.

AND your job ‘was’ being a Fire Fighter!

Jesus Saiz

Wizords still got a kick ass way of life, though.

Image result for curse words comic

Edit: I just noticed his cuff link is a W

Ryan Browne you magnificent bastard.

Afterwards, I read The Visitor: How & Why He Stayed #1.

Image result for the visitor how and why he stayed

This miniseries focuses on an alien observer sent to kill Hellboy in 1944, and why he initially decided not go through with it.

His first appearance was way back in a story called Hellboy- Conqueror Worm.


I love a shit ton of Hellboy, just as much as backstories about minor characters from absolutely every piece of media.

I’m also a big fan of Paul Grist who is in charge of the art for this book. His Jack Staff series was one of the many influences on me to really dedicate my life to comics and art.

Image result for paul grist

The Visitor also reminds me of Dead Man’s Questions, a short story by Hirohiko Araki.

Image result for dead man's questions kira

Wherein Yoshikage Kira (antagonist of Diamond is Unbreakable) is a ghost detective in the afterlife, killing escaped murderers/investigating vengeful spirits.

The Visitor himself looks aesthetically similar to ghost Kira, as well. At least in my eyes.


But Dead Man’s Questions wasn’t nearly as long as The Visitor is going to be.

I reckon it’ll be 4 times as long lengthwise.

Image result for dead man's questions kira


Back to viewing boxes and boards, boxes and boards, boxes and boards.


Hell yeah, The Black Terror..!

…man, y’know what?

Project SuperPowers was actually pretty damn cool! 

Image result for project superpowers

There! I said it!

Later desu yo koitsu wa.

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