Gangu SaTarr. Menoyota.


Finished this page in my sketchbook with a couple sharpies and pens.


Dude, I wanna draw a lot more often.

I also drove around a bit, and came home to see this view from my deck. I couldn’t resist those cool as shit colors, dawg.


As I drove around, I really wanted to change my music selection as I tend to do on occasion.

Speaking of, I’ve been really into Saint Motel‘s music for a LONG time.

Image result for Saint Motel

So much so, that I referred mainly to their songs specifically when contributing to last year’s Inktober. 

 “My Type”

-October 20th-


“For Elise”

-October 29th-


“Midnight Movies”

-October 23rd-


…and so on, and so forth.

Instead of ordering their albums via Amazon or bandcamp, I actually open the specific song I want in a separate tab.

Then I open in another, paste the link in their center search bar, and then right click ‘Save As’ to my desktop labeled (folder name redacted).

After that, its just a matter of putting those downloads onto my K: drive, insert them into my radio for another chance to clear my head once more, and voila.

“It just works.”


Try it at home!

Art time again, and maybe sleep or something.

For now, heres a comic that I’ve enjoyed for a hell of a long time but never talked about on this site until now

Enjoy…. Giant Days #1:









Continue reading Giant Days here. 

Later daze.


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