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Worked in the studio today, got a lot of clay on my pants and boots, and drew this on a neighboring room’s board:


Text says, “Malibu Denizen 2007.”

Also scribbled on a page out of my sketchbook:


And while I did those things, I worked on the larger project that took up the majority of today’s time.

Heres a cropped preview of it:


Its gonna be a while before THAT is finished. Meh.

I chose WWWYZZERDD (the moderator of the interwebs) as the featured image since I’ve been watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force more often. Specifically earlier on YouTube in the next window.

He (IT?) first appears in the episode titled Interfection, and screws with Frylock/Master Shake for the majority of the running time. I fucking love it and him (IT??).

Check out the full episode here. 

Image result for wwwyzzerdd

If you’re still unfamiliar with WWWYZZERDD, go here: http://www.yzzerdd.com/

“All will be explained.”

I also really like this scene called “Fifty If They Watch.

In which Carl and 2/3 of the Aqua Teens are killed by this ‘Sea Nymph lady’ thing.

Related image

The revelation at the end is SOO much better than the overall execution. I think so at least.

Shirt Herpes was a kick ass episode, too. ‘Your shirt betrays you my friend.’

I have a closer connection to this one, because this ‘cursed shirt’ that Carl hypes up to Shake reminds me of how I wouldn’t shut up about a “Perpetual Fist t-shirt” I bought at a Goodwill.

Image result for aqua teen hunger force 3 demons

AND I love Carl’s impromptu naming of the three demons:

Uno..,Boggle.., and, uh, Yahtzee.*

Image result for aqua teen hunger force shirt herpes

*Quote by Carl Brutananadilewski.


I’ve been currently going through the ‘videos/art by Plague of Gripes as he reiterates his own drawing routines and thoughts’ as I finish writing this very post.

Image result for plagueofgripes hekapoo

You can see AND hear his 31 Days of Drawing in October here.

I like the hell out of his stuff. Especially the way he draws the ripple of clothing, and what was going through his head as he drew these pieces is just as entertaining to listen to.

Image result for plagueofgripes 31 days of drawing

Time to get back to it. Hope it rains later to be honest..

…Rain would be pretty sweet right about now….

I’ll just talk about tentacle death tomorrow if not…..

And Roger Ballen (maybe).

Later desu yo koitsu wa.

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