Cheeto Puffs In Her Baby’s Coffin


Colored this small ink drawing I did yesterday.


Although I draw a lot and go through drafts of how I want things to look, I still try to make SOMETHING out of the things I just do absentmindedly.

John Byrne, the painter/playwright, said before that he didn’t like tossing out a piece that he had already started. He would just keep working at it, “-even if its rubbish… and in most cases it certainly is..” (taken from his words).

That is, unless he had a fixed idea of what he wanted to do from the start.

Related image

Read Coady and The Creepies #1.

Coady and the Creepies #1 (of 4) by [Prince, Liz]

Cool comic all around, I’d say. The art style bothered me at first because of how rough it looked at times, but started to grow on me near the end.

The adult themes of death, debauchery, and drugs were rampant inside which made the illustrations that went along with it even better!

Image result for coady and the creepies #1

AAALSO a fan of Liz Prince’s comics. I still remember my first one:

Image result for would you still love me if i wet the bed

Offtopic, but Craig Thompson attempted this in his comic called Blankets:

Image result for would you still love me if i wet the bed

‘Back in high school’ is a phrase you shouldn’t start a story with. Because its a sign that the story you’re about to hear amounts to jack fucking nothing in the modern context.

Anyway I read ALL of Thompson’s Blankets in one day, and in my second year of college I shredded old pictures of people who betrayed me/notes and shit from my exes.

I proceeded to then toss aforementioned shredded shit off a bridge.

What was I doing again?

Oh, Box Office Poison: Color Comics #3. ..I think we’re all an Ed Vasquez deep down.

Box Office Poison Color Comics #3

Fun as hell, with a relatable atmosphere that I’ve come to expect.

I really dig these afterwards by Alex Robinson, too, where he talks about cameos and scenes that he added into the issues.


Little insights like that in movies and comics are what I love about the medium. Gives them another layer making them feel more true to life/real rather than a mass media corporation’s jumbled product.

You get the sense that an actual human being made the thing you’re watchin’ and/or reading.

Felt a bit of drainage after dealing with a lot of dust from pulling up carpet earlier.

Allergy medication could be a thing? Might help to take some…..



Later daze.



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