‘The Kristofferson Waltz.’

Ahoy there.

Welcome back to your irregularly scheduled programming.

I drew on yet another whiteboard while thinking about Patrick Bateman from American Psycho:


THEN! I started to think about the Yakuza games.

Image result for yakuza game

They’re fucking awesome, and I love tattoos, so….


Made some more art in my sketchbook, too. I saw this fucking awesome screenshot of Yoshikage Kira on Google and had to make something about it:


Original image:


Don’t care WHAT computer this was made on. Its still a DOPE PIC of Kira.

Heard about MST3K coming back at some point in an issue of HorrorHound, and been going through the first season on Netflix when I can.

Image result for horrorhound mst3k

I’m on the fourth episode, Future War, and those fuckin’ dinosaurs kill me when they strut around with their prosthetic legs/’admittedly cool’ effects.

Image result for mst3k future war

Not done YET but I think a quarter of the way through.  Maybe.


Don’t care. Still love their ability to riff on cheesy garbage.

Image result for mst3k future war

I also wanna watch this movie called Factory Girl?

Image result for factory girl movie

And I Shot Andy Warhol?

Image result for i shot andy warhol

Oh, and I’m Not There.

Image result for i'm not there poster

……heres hoping’ they’re all on Netflix….

Later daze.

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