“Detective Sugiuchi FRISKS His Way Into Your Hearts!”


‘Hello again, Friend of a friend, I knew you when, Our common goal was waiting for-‘

Enough of that now. What have I been doing for the last month?

Image result for metric black sheep lyrics

A lot.

I made a bunch of artwork during my free time.

These two I did in some schmuck’s sketchbook when he/she left it in the studio unattended:



Practiced drawing on the Dry Erase Boards across from the studio again.

Only was able to photo this one, though:


I also saw some bullshit that pissed me off yesterday on the studio wall. One of the artist veterans had drawn this super attractive chick in pencil and shading.

When I first saw this however, somebody (maybe the veteran or maybe an asshole) had put a line of tape across the girl’s breasts. On the blue tape, in marker, was the word ‘Censored!!!’ written just like that. No joke:

Nude Girl Who Had Her Womanhood Stomped OVer

Jesus Saiz. Thats fucking ludicrous.

Anyway, I was so angry that I made this because of it:


I still believe that phrase to this very day, and all of you who think otherwise can just gargle saltwater.

ALSO I found out that the Part 5Vento Aureo television adaptation won’t be released until next year or so.

Felt kinda depressed about that, yet I made this:


Decided to watch a lot of something that influenced me greatly when I was starting to devote myself to art.

On [Adult Swim] in the late nights of Sunday…

Superjail! was that very show in question.


Related image

I love this fucking title-card, the fucking characters, the fucking illustration art direction of the world, the fucking intro song/sequence, the fucking cartoony over the top violence, and the fucking animation studio (at least from the first season).

Related image

I’ll talk more about it once I finish the whole series. Currently only on Season 2, and the animation really took a step down from the incredibly fluid and rubbery movements of the cast as shown in Season 1.

Related image

Still enjoying the ride, though.

Related image

Mmmmmm….those warm colors.

….and all those climaxes

Image result for superjail!

I read a few comics, but the standouts of the haul were only a couple issues among them.

First, Kim Reaper #1.

Image result for kim reaper comic

This comic is great, I love it. Every page had about 5 laughs and this issue was pretty long for a new comic, most likely since it needed to explain everything and whats going on.

Kicks ass. GO AND READ IT NOW.

Related image

……good job there, Becka..

And then I read ALL of Head Lopper. I am now happily caught up to date with Andrew MacLean’s amazing creation.

Image result for head lopper

This would have been my favorite comic of 2017, but I’m an idiot who didn’t realize that this comic has been around for a couple years already. Whoopsies.

But the follow up to the first story arc came out recently so now you can hop right on to the “I love Head Lopper” band wagon.

Image result for head lopper

If you don’t do it, you’re a giant loser who is missing out on something really special.

Related image

Its sorta late, and I’m starting to wonder why I keep thinking about Kenichi Endo of all people or things.

Image result for kenichi endō

I mean, he’s so fucking cool, but why him at almost 4 in the am? And every time I search for what new thing hes going to star in, I keep getting Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 results.

Image result for kenichi endō

I just don’t get it or really understand all that much.


Best not to question my feelings at this point.

Image result for endo kenichi


Later desu yo koitsu wa.

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