“Impeccable, Old Chum.”

Hello all again.

Been doing tattoo shit, read a lot of comics, and earlier I drew this self portrait of myself when I was feeling like it:


Also worked on some of my own comic shit, and colored this page I did a while back:


I like how the color turned out, truth be told.

Well, Adam West died the other day, and that fuckin’ sucks. 


Image result for adam west batman pow

When I was real little, I remember making a Batman mask  for Halloween. I didn’t make the mask as ‘black cutout’ like in Batman Begins.

Instead I decided to give the mask the pink square over the nose and pink eyebrows over the eye holes similar to West’s Batman mask.

It was a lot more fun to make it that way, too.


Image result for adam west batman pow

Full screen onomatopoeia and celebrity guest who always plays the villain was pretty much my days watching Batman when I didn’t give a fuck and had the day off.

I just, I fuckin’ love Batman SO much.

Image result for the batman vault

The Batman Vault is this huge book I’ve had for years and I remember it having a large chapter about West and Ward’s takes on Batman and Robin respectively.

This photo from that chapter, too:


The dude next to West was Milton Berle who also played Louie the Lilac in the final season of the show.

Related image

Jesus Saiz, I honestly forgot how much I loved this era of Batman and all its glory.

Off-topic, but I had a mail order subscription of comics that would come in once a month and it was a tie in to the Batman: The Brave and The Bold show that was on Cartoon Network for a couple years as well.

Image result for batman the brave and the bold comic


FUCK. I loved that show. Would watch it EVERY Friday night for new episodes.

I also fucking LOVE Vincent Price.

Image result for vincent price

Georg Rockall-Schmidt has a really good video talking about Price’s career that you can check out here. 


In conclusion, the original Caped Crusader will be forever missed.


Later daze.


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