Worse. You’re In A Cartoon.

Heeeyyyy people.

Its been a hot minute since I’ve posted anything, and thats not good.

Because you normally see bloggers or content creators drop off of the face of the earth for no reason at all/they got busier than they expected. Then they come back all of a sudden when they have stuff to show or something to say.

Then we go through the same song and dance like before.

I’m not that way.

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I like to talk about a certain topic or whatever if it coincides with something I’m interested in. That is true. But if I have no new art or revelations to share about my life then I’ll just go dead silent on the internet (including the remaining profiles I have on social media).

Which is why I’m addressing my absence now.

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For the last month or so, I’ve been working on art in my free time as well as working at my actual job. Odds are everyone has encountered this setback:

“Lets see… I’m tired since I just got done with my shift at work. My window of free time is only open for so long. I should take this chance to draw or write up the outline for my next project….. Nah. I’ll just (insert activity that you naturally go to when you feel bored).”

Then before you know it you gotta try and get some sleep cuz you got work in a few more hours, asshole.

Image result for spoony angry

Anyway, I bring that up not as an excuse for why I’ve been so silent in my activities, but rather an explanation for being gone.

I’m saving up the checks I receive through direct deposit in order to get the funds I need to move. Its a goal I’m trying to reach, and since dropping out of college my car insurance decided that only students are allowed to have an easy time owning a car.

Cause fuck you, sir or madam, trying to make a living without also forever putting yourself in debt with student loans.

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Oh, are you wondering about the Spoony screenshots yet?

I know you’re not, but its actually relevant to today’s subject. This guy was a big part of my life as a nerd, and he introduced me to a lot of shit I still love today.

People will go on about Howling 2: Stirba Werewolf Bitch and how JonTron is hilarious for finding such a gem to make fun of. His review is here. Super entertaining, man.

Image result for jontron howling 2

HOWEVER! Spoony reviewed it first way back in 2010. Check it here. Its fuckin’ great.

Image result for spoony howling 2

So when Spoony turned into a sad has-been a while back, the damage to his fanbase (including me) was really fuckin’ noticeable.

Related image

I brought him up initially due to the fact that his literal refusal to make content, or acknowledge why he manipulated his former ‘fans’ into taking their donation money, pisses me off a fuck ton.

Don’t fuckin’ reward their loyalty with insults and dishonesty. Ass-hat.

Image result for aku

It made me realize that there were people who chose to follow my blog (I guess) because at one point or another I must have entertained them in a small way.

Sure, people are busy and they have prior engagements so naturally they wouldn’t see posts until way later or even never.

Yet, theres an incredibly small part of me that still wants to entertain one or even two people who are just bored and lookin’ for something to pass the time.

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But yeah.

Thats why I’m gonna be talking about cool shit I like again soon.

As well as crap I absolutely hate.

I got a big stack of comics I’ve read and shows/movies I’ve started watching to shoot the shit about, too.


Look forward to silly garbage. 😉

Later desu yo koitsu wa.


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