Really, go read Mister Miracle by Tom King and Mitch Gerads.

Heeeyy alllll.

Before I get to what I’ve been up to recently, I’m gonna rant.

Okay? Okay, heres what happened-!

I’m walking through the hall of my house, and I look into the room of my roommate.

He’s asleep, so I turn my head to see what he was watching on his television. I’m like, “Oh, hey, NickToons. The Fairly Oddparents? Thats still on? Nice.”

I keep watching it. “Ah, a talent show, huh. Don’t think they’ve done that before, but I could be wrong.” Then I noticed something.

Related image



It didn’t always look like this, right? I haven’t watched it in a long while, so I don’t know.

Oh, wait. No it didn’t.

Image result for fairly oddparents early days

Also heres a screenshot from another older episode I enjoy.

Image result for fairly oddparents sherlock holmes

In which, Timmy goes into other books to catch Tom Sawyer from fucking shit up. The background has cross hatching, and its in a different style than what Tom is done in. Also, Sherlock Holmes entertains Timmy’s parents and rides off on a moped shouting, “Diamonds!” at the end of the episode.


Image result for fairly oddparents sherlock holmes

Man, I didn’t JUST watch it. I committed this shit to memory, fucker.

Image result for fairly oddparents early days

Timmy wants his ‘Grandpappy’ to experience things as if they were in one of his ‘old school cartoons’ and he is kidnapped by “Peg Leg Vicky.” Look at that. They gave shadows to the ladies tied to the tracks for the sake of a visual gag that lasted only about a couple seconds or more. Not to mention this whole episode was done in a different style and never done again in this way.

Related image

Crimson Chin has a mid life crisis from being told his only existence is that of being a comic book character and nothing he does matters. They would transition from scene to scene by having one or more be in a panel on a comic book page. Like with what Timmy is doing here. Ignoring the sequence and just talking to Chin over the white page break.

They either had the budget to do cool shit like this and wanted to look as different (but familiar) as possible OR the newer version is just making it look worse as a means to get it on air quicker and thus paid faster.


I’m going with the second one. Put more simply:

Related image

Anyway. Flash animation isn’t bad, its just cheap as shit to use. Some people can use it to their advantage, but most times its just, “Fucking God. You wanted this to bounce and look crazy, but its so stiff that its your own fault for why it looks like ass.”

Again. Anyway.

1. I’m currently trying to update this site to look more professional, and close to it.


(yeah, that image DOES have to do with it)

2. Theres another BIG thing I’m involved with, but that won’t debut till Next Monday or so. However, here’s a hint/preview of the fucking stupid shit that WILL come:

Related image

3. Also, if you guys think I’ve been under a “No Blog Post Rock”, well, not so! I was still active on the site in the form of Inktober, dawg. Every Ink Drawing I did last month is right there in a tab on my home page INCLUDING the ones from last year you never saw. Check em out here!


Inktober Drawing 84 or 22 vol. 3

4. Speaking of Inktober, most artists participate in month (or year long) ‘art challenges’ in order to better themselves and their craft. Well, I thought of one for myself to keep busy.

Its called DC-ember, and I know that name isn’t great. It will entail drawing one or more DC characters (Superman, Batman, Powergirl, etc) every day for each day in the month of December. It’ll be fun, and anybody can take part when it comes around in a few weeks.

DC-ember begins: December 1, 2017. Mark your calendars!

Image result for power girl

5. Oh, and I’ll be posting weekly comics online after the first few things are out. Then theres that WHOLE OTHER thing that I’m trying to get off the ground, but nothing may come of it. Heres hoping amiright?

Image result for tijuana bibles

……is he disguised as a ‘bigger’ dick?

About this site: I’m still gonna be chattin’ about movies or postin’ random art things I made, though, so thats not gonna change at all.

On those other things I mentioned I’ll keep you guys posted on them as they get closer to completion.

Image result for hiramaru bakuman

Gonna try to sleep now (I hope) since I got a long way to go if I’m gonna make it to that John Mulaney ‘Concert’ later. Or would it be called a ‘Tour’? ‘Special’ maybe?

Image result for john mulaney 2017

I’ll let you know if I found the right word or not. Gonna post an art thing later anyway, so look forward to that.  (pssst its something fun related)

Later daze READ Mister Miracle.



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